More than 40 million Americans suffer needlessly in chronic pain

because 20 million Americans abuse prescription opioids.







Eliyahu Degrave

Financial Director


PPPFD, Inc.'s President, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer in Their War to "Protect Pain Care!", and Innovator of Pharmacovigilance Biometrics. Three on-the-job injuries over the last 30 years left Mr. Radcliffe suffering in chronic pain.


Mr. Radcliffe had a distinguished 10 year career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force.  He served as a fiduciary agent of the U.S. Treasury Department while executing his duties as a USAF Accounting and Finance Officer.  He was promoted to the rank of major and received multiole awards and citations before leaving the U.S. Air Force in 1992 with an honorable discharge.  Please click on Mr. Radcliffe's resume to review his numerous accomplishments before starting PPPFD, Inc.


From 1996 to 2005 Mr. Radcliffe was an OxyContin sales representative and District Sales Manager for the Appalachian area where the term “hillbilly heroin” was coined. He was deposed as a witness for a multi-state class action lawsuit. He was subpoenaed by the FBI for two federal grand jury appearances. He was interrogated three times by multiple federal and state investigators.


During his seven years of narcotics diversion research, he interviewed federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel in three states and the District of Columbia to include the US DOJ DEA, US HHS OIG, state troopers, local prosecutors, sheriffs, deputies, and city police in WV, KY and VA. He obtained confidential federal DEA information through Freedom of Information Act requests.

After conducting seven years of pain market research and development including over 2,200 Risk Intervention Audits on over 840 pain patients in the offices of 12 physicians in six states, Mr. Radcliffe launched technology and continues to develop a BioMatrix of Forensic technology that protects physicians and pharmacists while treating chronic pain. The technology will also protect the pain care access of millions of chronic pain patients by fighting prescription drug diversion in the clinic and community settings.

Mark Radcliffe

President & CEO

Since late 2010, EliYahu has been a part of the PPPFD, Inc. financial team.  He has developed innovative and comprehensive financial controls and procedures.  The scope of his work entails managing the multifaceted complexities of our Managerial Accounting Department.

Prior to beginning with PPPFD, Inc., EliYahu worked in the technology industry.  He earned top certifications!  He used problem solving and diagnostic strategies to solve complex system faults.

He also served in the U.S. Military.  During his tenure he served as a Supply Supervisor.  His responsibilities encompassed accounting for, distributing, and maintaining department assets.

He has a passion for the PPPFD mission and serves to facilitate the accomplishment thereof, through his work in the Financial Department.





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