More than 40 million Americans suffer needlessly in chronic pain

because 20 million Americans abuse prescription opioids.


PHYSICIAN Diversion Mitigation SERVICES™

     PHYSICIAN PHARMACOVIGILANCE SERVICES™ Includes a BioMatrix of forensic technology and services offered by PPPFD, Inc.  Our technology is designed to protect physicians from the Double Jeopardy of treating pain.  We are confident that the services offered by PPPFD will greatly impact the future of treating pain in both the Pain Management Office and the Primary Care Office across the United States by improving prescription drug diversion deterrence and profitability outcomes within the pain clinic.

     The bottom line is that PPPFD has developed technology and service by which the pain medicine prescriber will protect their practice from the Double Jeopardy threat of treating chronic pain and will help to broaden their practice reach and economic opportunity without adding any extra work to the office staff.





-Medical practices face the Double Jeopardy threat of treating chronic pain (civil jeopardy) and prescription drug diversion (criminal jeopardy).

-Technologies and Services to Protect the Physician from the Double Jeopardy risk of treating pain

-COMPREHENSIVE FIDUCIARY MEDICINE UNDERWRITING third party services by PPPFD will ensure fiscal and medical accuracy in pain management

-PHARMACOVIGILANCE BIOMETRICS™ will accurately identify key risk factors associated with prescription drug abuse and diversion

-PPPFD will help impact operational and financial success of your medical practice

-PHYSICIAN PHARMACOVIGILANCE SERVICES™ includes technologies and services for the pain specialist in addition to the technologies and services by the pain specialist to the rest of the medical community.


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