Our mission is to

protect pain care

against the diversion

of prescription

narcotic pain medicine

and help law

abiding patients


More than 40 million Americans suffer needlessly in chronic pain

because 20 million Americans abuse prescription opioids.

Pharmacovigilance Biometrics:

A Technological Advancement in the Management of Chronic Pain

     Pharmacovigilance Biometrics is a technology and service solution to the challenges of the growing Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion that has plagued communities throughout America for more than 10 years. What started in the Appalachian region eventually became the epicenter of a nationwide epidemic with the news regarding abuse of Pain Killers in the late nineties. In fact, hundreds of deaths have been attributed to Pain Medicine prescription drug abuse with physicians and pharmacists targeted by law enforcement for criminal investigation regarding their pain medications practices. The unfortunate reality is that as a result of this news, physicians and pharmacists became fearful of treating legitimate law abiding patients which leaves millions of patients to suffer needlessly.


     To resolve these challenges, PPPFD is introducing a sound technological medical service to the Medical Community, Patients, and Law Enforcement. We are confident that the demand and growth of Pharmacovigilance Biometrics will be the result of support by;


Law Enforcement: by deterring prescription drug diversion activities such as Doctor Shopping


Insurance Companies and CMS: through a reduction in the direct and indirect cost inherent in Prescription Drug Abuse and Diversion


Patients and Pain Advocacy Groups: by improving law-abiding patient access to pain treatment


Physicians and Medical Organizations: by protecting the Physician from the Double Jeopardy Risk of treating pain


Pharmacies: through a reduction in fraud and identity theft with a resulting increase in inspector confidence


Pharmaceutical Companies: who produce “high risk” medications by ensuring that legitimate patients receive appropriate medications which will increase physician prescribing confidence.



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